Vedic Vaastu

Vastu word comes from the term Vas meaning to dwell, live. On a broader term, vastu means to make a dwelling as per the elements of nature so that we get the complete nourishment and energies in order to lead a successful life.

The five elements are what makes up the whole cosmos. A house must be such that we can receive the five element energy easily.

Sun is the soul of the milkyway. Vastu is mainly based on the sun's energy. The timing of the sun determines its energy. Like the rising sun has energy which is very good for the body which is elementary for vitamin D and killing of the bacteria of the house.

Similarly, when the sun is in the southeast: if the lady is cooking the food gets bright sun energy and the lady is always alert in cooking due to good sunlight in that area.

Likewise, each direction has its importance. Main rules of vastu shastra are immense sunlight and good ventilation. Many a time we do rectify the birth chart, follow very good eating habits, do regular exercise but neglect the fact that the land we stay in plays the important role as we are staying there and the frequency of that plot affects our cells of our body the most. For example: if we try to swim against the waves we take more time but if we go by the flow we do not have to put much effort

We find many ancients scripts written on Vastu. These scriptures contain deep science on architecture of Indian town planning, building of temples, palaces, one storey apartment to 12 storey mansion etc. Many are lost but many are still available. Many have been translated and many still need to be translated from Sanskrit. They are not rigid codes but give details of how to do construction keeping in mind the very basic features like sunlight and ventilation.

The importance of Vastu:

Vastu helps in the natural development of mankind. Human’s basic need is to live happily without any ailment and financial difficulties.

Like how water’s basic property is to remain cool. If we heat up water it again comes back to its natural property. Similarly, every human being wants to know the purpose of their life. In order to know that he must firstly live in an environment which will enhance his true identity. If the environment is right one can grow and prosper well.

Five senses and Vastu.

Humans have five senses which help in grasping knowledge. Eyes, nose, ears, tongue, and skin. Eyes help us in grasping the colors and shape. Nose helps us to smell. Ears help us to hear. The tongue helps us to know the different tastes. Skin helps us to touch and feel hot and cold surfaces. If all five senses are satisfied, half the Vastu is taken care of. 85 % of the knowledge is gained via the eyes. Vastu is not only taking care of the dwelling but also about many other aspects. For example, we take care of all Vastu aspect technically and feed our body with wrong food habits like eating junk food, drinking etc then the vastu is of less usage. If we want to get complete benefits of vastu then we must also ensure satistfy our senses with right doing.

Eyes help us in knowing the good shape, color, interiors, sculptures, painting, Etc. Nose if fed with right aroma helps in soothing our mind. If we have to sit near open drainage with a lot of stench bothering us then how can we work with ease? That’s why it’s a good practice to burn camphor or aromas oils.

Ears – good soothing sound is very good mind. Tongue –right and healthy food habits

If all senses are satisfied, our mind is happy which helps in taking the right decision. If right decision is taken at the right time we can very well achieve our aims and goals. Once our aim is fulfilled we meet our desired goal life proves to be more fruitful and we are able to earn well.

Money earned with the right intention and right ways always brings happiness and peace. Such wealth always makes a man friendly, satisfied and prosperous. He is able to lead a stress-free life and is never rude in his behavior. Such a person is always humble and cares for his family and society on the whole.

Vastu covers all the aspect related to the five senses.

Who is a vastu consultant? A person who follows the codes of the vedic text and gives instructions as per the shlokas to build house including the interior glorification is called a stapati. As per samrangna sutradhar scripture :-

स्थापत्यमुच्यत स्माभिरिदानीं प्रक्रमागतम्।
ज्ञातेन येन ज्ञायन्ते स्थापतीनां गुणागुणा: ।।१।।
शास्त्रं कर्म तथा प्रज्ञा शीलं च क्रिययान्वितम्।
लक्ष्य लक्षणयुक्तार्थशास्त्रष्टो नरो भवेत् ।।२।

The above sutra means a vastu consultant must have knowledge of shastra, do the wise work, must have good intuition power and be intellect and have patience and right character.

If one has all the above traits one is liable to practice vastu. If one practices vastu without reading the scriptures and guides people is liable to raj dhand meaning government jail. Such vastu consultant has no knowledge and is cheating the people in the name of vastu.