Chakra Analysis, Heal & Align

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. In the spiritual world, chakra is of great importance. The energy of our body moves in a certain pathway and it gets concentrated at certain points. These points are called chakras and the life force or the pranic energy gets distributed from these points. These chakras do not have physical existence and need to be felt with meditation or certain yogic postures. They meet in the form of a triangle and not in a circular or square form.

There are 114 chakras in the body. Two are outside the body and 112 are within the body. Out of 112, 7 are major which are aligned from head to hip.

If the chakras are well aligned we can get rid of the major ailments and live a peaceful and a blissful life. In order to get rid of our problems, we need to activate and balance them all.

The seven major chakras are what we talk about in general. They have a physical as well as a spiritual outlook to them. It is through them that the body and mind find their expression like hunger, anger, sleep etc. Each activity is assigned to a particular chakra for example if we are fond of excess sleep or eating then it is clear that muladhara is highly active which needs to be addressed. Similarly, all activities have their concentric zones.