Lucky Charms

Sun : the sun is the soul of our solar system. It is the life force behind all things. Without the Sun we would be in darkness and no life could flourish. It is the sun's gravity which is keeping the solar system intact. Electric current in the sun generates magnetic field which in turn affects us all. Vedas give great importance to the Sun and in astrology the Sun is compared to a Father.

We at heofon have created a hand crafted sun energised with precious gem stone. We advise to place a sun in the east wall for name, fame, and good health.

Kuber Gada clock : Kubera holds a club as a weapon called shibika in his right hand. The gada or mace is symbolic of dandaniti or administration of justice. Kuber represents abundance money. Kuber is one of the Loka-pala and a Dik-pala or Guardian of the Directions, in the North. By placing a gada in north we are enerzing the north direction. North direction is for growth, wealth , son (future generations), prosperity, 3 important nakshatra energy, planet Mercury.

By energizing north we wish to give you and your family immense wealth and prosperity.

Horse shoe: this is used in order to enhance the energy of the west zone. Horse shoe is made of iron and represents Lord Shani. Since horse have great sense of knowing the positive energies and lives on plants, it is considered a good luck animal. Since horse wears this under its foot and undergoes hardship a horseshoe is a great talisman to hang in your houses on the west wall.