Geo Safe

Geosafe ® (MADE IN GERMANY) is anti radiation device which can neutralize the radiation field created by geo energies and electromagnetic fields.

Today we are surrounded by radiation be it from Mobile , electrical lines , TV’s , Computers , Tablets, Mobile radiations are most nefarious , they are omni present , there are cell towers all around , Many radiations are naturally occurring, we may have hartmann grid , ley lines , banker lines ,water lines below earth surface.

All these radiation sources created a cocktail of cancer causing dangerous radiation field , Some other ailments resulting from radiations are insomnia , lever and kidney disorders , heart disease, Infertility, mental disorders etc , Kids and young adults are specially vulnerable.

GEO SAFE ® , is MADE in GERMANY product , exclusively marketed in INDIA and NEPAL by heofon experience , (Dr Jayshree’s Company) , Geosafe® neutralizes negative and dangerous radiations around you and creates an umbrella of safety around you and your family.

Dr JAYSHREE is certified Geo Biologist , from Internationales Institut Geo – Baubiologie , Germany , And is certified to to neutralize electromagnetic stress , earth rays and apply Kinesiology .