Energy Kast

Modern science has now proved that we are made of energy which manifests itself in different ways. According to Einstein E=MC^2 which means that everything in the universe is seen as one energy. Modern science has its mathematical conclusion, religion has its belief system and a yogi has its own experience to contribute to understand this energy pattern.The sole aim of every human is to merge in the very existence.The very aim of Energy Kast is to help oneself align with the cosmic energy. As per the vedic scripts the roots needs to be strengthened in order to get a well blossomed flower.

Scriptures Manasaram, Mayamatam say that we all stand on the floor, our house is built on the floor, our furniture is on the floor so by placing the energy kast under the floor 75% of the negative energy is taken care of as we are enhancing the root itself. Energy kast is a small wooden box containing gold, minerals, herbs, crystals which is placed below the floor which emits negative ions which in turn balances the protons of the human cells and makes the environment positive. What is negative energy? It is a clutter of positive ions which gives negative energy. Thus by bombarding the area with negative ions we are clearing up the positive ions.A deep research has been done by Dr jayhree before introducing it in your life.